Revisiting an Old Subject

I’ve been slacking. There’s no two ways about it. March came, and I said to myself, “self, you worked hard in February. You deserve a break.” And so I took a break.

And that break lasted two solid weeks. Then something magical happened.

Guilt propelled me into my studio, and the knowledge that I could be in and out of there in less than 15 minutes if I really wanted to (something I learned during my February experiment) kept the Resistance Monster from squawking too loudly.

I said, “self, let’s see what you can do in one hour or less”. I already had a subject picked out thanks to the good work of Danny Gregory and his list of Everyday Matters. Challenge #1 is to draw a shoe.

My very first drawing when I decided to start making art again was inspired by this same challenge. I think it’s interesting to compare.



There is obviously a lot I could do to tighten things up. But the point of this exercise was not to make a great masterpiece of precision. It is, in part, to see what I can do under a time constraint. It is also to force me to loosen up a little. Last, and most importantly, it is to reinforce for myself that I do not need to set aside hours at a time in order to paint.

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